Under 21: Drivers License Suspension and DUI Information

Legal Issues to be Aware of in Representing Drivers Under 21


  • Two traffic convictions within two years results in a 3 month license suspension, (as opposed to 3 convictions in one year for adults),
  • Traffic safety school mandatory for offenders receiving supervision,
  • For drivers under 18, parents must be present in court for defendant to receive supervision,
  • No cell phone use allowed for drivers under 19,
  • Drivers ages 16-17, for the first 12 months, are allowed only one passenger under age 20 unless sibling, step-sibling, own child, or step-child.
  • Drivers ages 16-17 who wish to reinstate a suspended license require a remedial education course, may be retested, pay reinstatement fee,


  • A breathalyzer yielding anything over .00 will result in a three month license suspension,
  • A DUI conviction results in a 2 year revocation, and during the first year defendant is ineligible for an RDP,

Non-driving Offenses Affecting License

  • Having an over 21 ID- even without an ordinance charge or other ticket- 12 month suspension.
  • Having a manufactured ID- 12 month revocation
  • Minor in possession of alcohol, whether supervision or conviction, will have her license suspended for three months.