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Illinois Toll Violations can Be Disputed Online

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2011 | Uncategorized |

A new feature on the Tollway’s Web site now allows customers who receive a toll violation notice to view their license plate images and dispute toll violations online. A How-To Guide A violation notice number and license plate number are needed to enter the violation database.

1. Once a notice is accessed,

customers can choose from two

dispute options: “plate incorrect”

and “missing image.”

2. An automated e-mail confirmation

is sent to confirm that the dispute

has been received.

3. Once a dispute has been reviewed

by Tollway staff, notification of the

decision is sent via e-mail.

Enhancing Customer Service

Customers who receive a violation notice

have a right to know that the image captured of their vehicle is

accurate. Providing access to license plate images and making it

easier to dispute violations is an important part of enhancing customer

service and increasing transparency at the Tollway.

Read the news release

Enter the online violations database