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Illinois DUI Penalties – 2006

Illinois DUI Conviction Penalties

First DUI Offense in Illinois:

  1. 1 year loss of drivers license.
  2. 1 year imprisonment possible.
  3. Max fine of $2,500

Second DUI Conviction in Illinois:

  1. Minimum of a 5 year loss of drivers license if 2nd offense was within a 20 year time frame.
  2. Mandatory 5 days in jail or 30 community service days if 2nd offense was within a 5 year time frame.
  3. Imprisonment up to 1 year possible.

Third DUI Offense in Illinois (a Class 4 Felony)

  1. 6 year loss of driving privileges
  2. Imprisonment possible for up to 3 years.
  3. Fines up to a $10,000 maximum.

Driving under the Influence in Illinois Also Triggers Drivers License Sanctions;

First offense DUI: Indication of a BAC of .08 or greater through an approved chemical test triggers a mandatory 3-month drivers license suspension. Refusing to be tested triggers an automatic 6 month suspension.

Second Offense DUI: BAC of .08 or greater triggers mandatory 12 month suspension.