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Naperville, Illinois, DUI Attorneys

Naperville, Illinois, Attorneys At Law

If you’re facing DUI charges or a possible conviction for a criminal offense in Naperville, Illinois, then you need an exceptional team of experienced DUI and criminal defense attorneys representing you. Ranked as one of the top 5 DUI defense law firms in the state of Illinois, with a reputation for defending clients on cases having successful outcomes, Ramsell and Associates, LLC, is committed to protecting your rights and seeking out the most desirable solution in your case.

Experienced DUI Defense Lawyers Providing Knowledgeable Representation In DuPage County, Illinois

When you’re facing DUI charges, the state of Illinois takes it very seriously. If you are convicted with other criminal charges, you could be facing life behind bars. Having a Naperville DUI attorney who is equipped with the knowledge to handle your case properly could be the difference between your rights and freedoms being taken away. At Ramsell and Associates, LLC, our clients can be sure they have one of the most highly regarded law firms with extensive knowledge working on their behalf.

With over 50 years of combined experience in defending clients in Naperville DUI arrest cases and other criminal offense charges, our team of DUI attorneys do everything possible to ensure your legal rights are protected. We start by investigating the circumstances of your arrest, including whether any field sobriety test given was conducted properly under Illinois DUI statutes and whether a Breathalyzer test, blood test or other chemical testing was properly performed. Under some circumstances, our Naperville DUI lawyers may be able to demonstrate that your blood alcohol content (BAC) was not over .08 (the legal limit) at the time that you were driving. If circumstances did not exist to warrant performing these tests, we may be able to get the evidence suppressed.

Furthermore, if you were not pulled over under appropriate circumstances such as a false traffic stop, in which the police officers had no probable cause to pull you over, we will prove that there was an unlawful DUI arrest and get the charges thrown out.

In some cases, our DUI attorneys may be able to secure Naperville DUI rehab and suspension of your driver’s license to avoid other, more severe penalties associated with DWI conviction, as well as some of the financial costs of DUI conviction. In cases of false arrest for DUI, we will ensure that all traces of the charge are removed from your record.

Accurate representation is what you need, and our lawyers are skilled at providing our clients with strong defense against Naperville misdemeanor DUI charges, felony DUI and other criminal offenses related to DUI charges throughout Naperville, DuPage County, Illinois. We can also answer your questions about Naperville DUI insurance.

Respected Attorneys At Law – Naperville, Illinois

Naperville, Illinois, is a suburb of Chicago. It has been named the second best city in the United States in which to live. It is also considered one of the wealthiest cities in the nation, having been ranked as the 11th richest. With an excellent school system, over 100 shops and restaurants, more than 125 parks, and several acres of golf courses and other sport facilities, Naperville citizens enjoy a high standard of living. It is also has a thriving business community, the home to Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent, Amoco, Nicor, Nalco and Office Max.

In addition to these amenities, Naperville has an attentive police force whose primary concern is the community’s safety. As with any city situated near major highways such as Hwy 33, Hwy 14, Hwy 59, Hwy 19, US 34, I-88 and I-294, DUIs are commonly charged in Naperville.

Typically, Naperville has a relatively high number of DUI arrests when compared to other DuPage County cities. It also has a higher number of arrests per officer. Our team of DUI arrest attorneys represents clients in Naperville, Illinois, and has a close professional relationship with the Naperville police.

We understand the most effective way to build your defense when you have been charged with DUI in Naperville. For example, our lawyers know that the Naperville police department is more likely to charge an alleged drunk driver under Naperville’s local ordinance than Illinois’ DUI statute. We’ve also worked with the Naperville city attorneys, who will try the DUI cases charged in the city.

For the best chance of avoiding the consequences of drunk driving in Naperville, it is crucial to work with attorneys who have experience defending cases charged under this specific local law and tried in the city of Naperville.

A Nationwide Reputation For Providing Excellent Criminal Defense

On a national level, Ramsell and Associates, LLC, has solidified its reputation by being featured on shows such as Court-TV, ABC’s 20/20, on NBC, CBS, FOX, Hannity and Colmes, and on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Ramsell and Associates, LLC, has also been well noted in The New York Times, The Washington Post, on various radio shows throughout the United States and in worldwide editions of the Financial Times in London, and in the Chicago Sun-Times.

As the former president of the DuPage County Bar Association, and as a current member of the Dupage County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, attorney Donald J. Ramsell has written numerous publications of his own, including the book entitled Illinois DUI Law and Practice Guidebook, published in 2009. The attorneys of Ramsell and Associates, LLC, have earned the respect of their fellow colleagues throughout Illinois.

With over 12,000 Illinois DUI and DWI defense cases handled by the attorneys at Ramsell and Associates, LLC, you can be sure that we will aggressively work toward a positive result whatever your case may be.

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Contact our office today at 1-800-DIAL-DUI (1-800-342-5384) ext. 630 to discuss your case free of charge. Our DuPage County DUI lawyers see people in our Naperville office located at 1717 North Naperville Road, Suite 200, by appointment only.

We also represent clients throughout DuPage, Kane, Will and Cook counties, and our team of professionals is available to meet at any location that is convenient for you.