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In Illinois Since 1986

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Illinois DUI Defense Attorneys At Your Service In Oak Brook

Oak Brook, Illinois Criminal and DUI Defense Attorneys

If you have recently been charged for a DUI or you are facing a potential criminal conviction in Oak Brook, Illinois, then you have no time to wait in contacting an experienced team of lawyers trained in DUI and Criminal defense. The consequences of your actions could lead to serious felony charges that can carry the maximum prison term and fines that may increase over time.

Ramsell and Associates Attorneys At Law, LLC is a law firm committed to protecting the interests of its clients and seeking out favorable solutions, on cases involving DUI and felony offenses. As the author of the “Illinois DUI Law and Practice Guidebook” and a featured guest on major television programs, such as FOX and Hannity and Colmes, attorney Donald Ramsell can provide you with aggressive defense to fight your DUI charges.

Accurate Representation You Deserve

Whether you’ve been charged with reckless driving in DuPage County or Cook County as a result of drunk driving, Ramsell and Associates can represent you regardless of how many times you have been accused of a similar crime. Our goal is to defend you and to get to the bottom of what may have been the cause of your DUI arrest.

We are fully trained in DUI Field Sobriety Testing and understand that there are many reasons behind inaccurate test results. On numerous occasions, we have found our clients wrongfully charged for DUI simply because they were on medication. A simple misunderstanding like that could lead to a conviction, and at Ramsell and Associates, we have identified various types of faulty test results, and can do so again on your behalf.

Hire an Attorney to Defend You in Oak Brook, Illinois

If it’s quality, professional, and personalized attention you’re looking for in an attorney, then you need to call Ramsell and Associates Attorneys At Law, LLC at 1-800-DIAL DUI today.

We have defended over 12,000 DUI and criminal cases in our 50 years of combined experience. When you hire us, you get results. Call us right now so we can give you a free consultation.